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Multi room AV systems

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When it comes to Multi Room AV Systems with HDTV Distribution, Merge offers unparalleled audio and video quality and aesthetic discretion at the same time.

We no longer require bulky loudspeakers to deliver vivid sound quality. Our designs incorporate some of the finest available discreet and invisible loudspeakers available. As we are dealers in a wide diversity of quality brands we can customise a solution that works for you and select the best combination of video and audio sources.

Seamless integration

We ensure in the process that all the multi-room audio and video equipment integrates seamlessly into the control system, with ergonomically laid out control interfaces (keypad, touch panel, smart phones and iPad) to allow for easy control of individual zones, as well as 'whole home' functions for entertaining. On a single page you will have access to all your sources with full feedback from media servers with album art, as well as zone volume levels, lighting, heating / cooling and security.

Simple intuitive systems control

Complete power is at your fingertips as you control your AV, cinema, lighting, HVAC and all sub systems with full feedback, both in and out of the home. We challenge ourselves constantly to simplify our controls, making them as intuitive as possible. While new technologies and products inevitably come on stream, we ensure that the infrastructural backbone of your system will support changes and additions making your system both future proof and future compatible.

Our systems are designed around ease of use and high quality performance as we realise that once all the toys have been played with, what remains to be enjoyed is the inherent audio and video quality, which is appreciated by all Merge clients in the years that follow.

It's time to entertain and be entertained!

Integrated Systems

Total Audio Visual

The Vantage 850D-DA Digital Distributed Audio Amplifier, featuring eight zones of independently controlled sound for each room in the house.

Vantage 1080p system

The Vantage 1080HD video switcher gives the homeowner a convenient, future-proofed method of distributing crisp analog and digital high-definition video to multiple displays throughout the home.

Vantage 1080p system


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